I Love Potatoes


It goes without saying that potatoes are pretty great. They’re tasty, filling, and I would totally be okay with a french fry based society.

***I head to work, my boss stopping me in the hallway.

“You’ve done great work this week,” she says with a smile. “Here’s a little bonus.” She hands me an envelope, pats me on the shoulder, and walks away.

My best coworker friend joins me, demanding I open the envelope. “She never gives out bonuses! I wonder how much you got.” 

I slide my finger under the top flap of the envelope, careful not to get a paper cut. I peek inside – and almost pass out from joy. 4 day passes to French Fry World rest inside, promising the envy of my peers.

“You’re so lucky! It costs so many fries to get those passes. Maybe you could take me? Someday when you’re low on fries I’ll help you out,” my friend jokes, but I barely hear her. Visions of gourmet french fries are already dancing through my head.***

I like many forms of potatoes, but as a busy and oftentimes lazy college student I’m not always able to put a lot of effort into making them fancy. I’m going to give you a slightly ratchet yet tasty recipe (if it can even be called a recipe) that I’ve been enjoying lately.


1 Potato
A lil Sriracha
A couple shakes of salt & oregano


Take the potato, rinse it off, and stick it on a plate. Pick your favorite fork and stab the potato repeatedly, releasing all of the stress you’ve been storing, and then put the potato into the microwave. I microwave it for about 4 minutes, turning it over halfway through. A word of advice: your plate will be hot. When it’s done, cut it in half and mash it down. Throw your salt and oregano down and drizzle on Sriracha and you have successfully made some food that you can put in your mouth.

Tip: Make sure you have something to drink unless you’re a superhuman weirdo who isn’t affected by spicy food.



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