A Review: Houseplants

I’ll get straight to the point – houseplants are great! I’ve been living in my first apartment for over 7 months now and I didn’t buy my own plants until a few weeks ago, but it was a good decision. I’m not sure what it is, but just knowing that I have living, growing things surrounding me makes me happy. I like taking care of them too, even if I do forget to water them sometimes. Lucky for me they’re both pretty hardy and don’t require too much effort.

The plant with the pink flowers is called a Spring Cactus and none of the flowers had opened yet when I bought it. I checked it every morning for the next few days and felt like a proud parent when the first one bloomed. The other plant is called a Peperomia; it doesn’t flower but I think it’s really pretty anyway. I did notice a tiny spiderweb in the leaves earlier, which doesn’t thrill me, but I don’t think I need to burn my apartment down yet. Both plants chill in my room and they seem happy there, and I’m glad they’re doing so well. My family is full of green thumbs and I would be a little disappointed if I just had a regular thumb. I’m hoping to expand my little plant family this summer, probably starting with an aloe plant. They’re pretty damn cool.

If you’re thinking about getting a houseplant, I would say go for it! They don’t pee (that would be weird) or even require food, so they’re way easier to take care of than a pet. They’ll bring the beauty of the natural world into your home and, if you’re like me, even elevate your mood a little bit. I’ll be honest, you’ll probably get attached and start to do strange things like talk to them (or is that just me?), but then you basically just have a free psychiatrist and your plant has some extra CO2. Win win. If worst comes to worst and your plant dies, well, at least you tried.

Rating: 10/10, plants rock


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