An Adventure in Spider Wrangling


On Wednesday I walked into my bedroom like any other day, except this was not any other day. On this day, I noticed a dark spot on my plain white wall – a spot with eight legs. I may have shrieked a little bit, but I think I had a pretty good excuse. I’m usually not terribly scared of spiders, but this one was on the large side. As in big enough that I could easily see his fangs, which is a little too big for me. Spiders are also scarier to me when they’re fuzzy, and of course this one was. I’m no expert in spider identification, but there’s definitely a possibility that it was a Brown Recluse. All in all I was not very happy about the situation, so the only logical thing to do was leave my room and pretend he wasn’t there.

I’m not sure what I was more nervous about upon reentering my room – the spider being there or being gone. It’s probably good that he was still there because otherwise I would’ve been paranoid for the next month. Getting into bed when there’s a spider on the loose is fuel for nightmares.

I decided that it was time to remove the creature. I didn’t want to kill it just because I would rather not kill anything if I don’t have to, so I prepared an extraction plan. I started out with a plastic cup, thinking I could trap him on the wall and that he would eventually crawl into it, but alas, that didn’t work. I ended up using a clear container in the same way and he eventually got off the wall, but not until my arms were getting wobbly from holding the container up (Yes, I should probably do more physical activity). Let me tell you, I know that there was a solid surface between the spider and my hand, but it was a little too close for comfort.


This picture took much bravery.

Once I took the container off the wall the danger was pretty much over. The spider couldn’t really climb up the sides, so I quickly ran outside, reached my arm as far as it could go, and dumped him in the grass. Once back inside, I rested comfortably, ignoring the fact that there are probably many other spiders living in my apartment that I just don’t know about.

After the whole ordeal was over and I was no longer in danger of certain death, I contemplated how strange it is that many humans are scared of spiders. Even a big spider is, in comparison to us, very tiny, and could easily be squashed. Some do have the advantage of venom, which is definitely something to be wary of, but even then most aren’t likely to attack you for no reason. They’re just living their life as much as you and me, not understanding when some giant creature tries to smash them out of the blue. I’m not about to become best friends with the next spider I see, but maybe one day I won’t be freaked out and can just appreciate them for the cool arthropod things that they do.


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