A Letter to My Upstairs Neighbors


Dear upstairs neighbors,

We’ve never met, you and I – maybe passed each other in the hall of our apartment building or crossed paths in the parking lot, but we don’t know each other. In fact, you’re quite a mystery to me. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so curious about the goings on of a group of people.

Why, do you ask? Maybe because, at 9:00 at night, it sounds like you’re rearranging the furniture of your entire apartment. And not just every once in a while, no, it sounds like this almost every night. And today, on a rare occasion that I was awake before 6 am, it still sounded like you were moving furniture. Do you sleep? At one point I asked this question as a joke, but now I seriously think that there’s a possibility you don’t.

And yes, I understand that the walls and ceilings are thin, so I’m not surprised to hear noise from above on occasion. But, dear neighbors, I am suspicious that you tie bricks to the bottoms of your feet and run across the floor. Repeatedly. I am not sure how you’re able to be so loud, unless you’re having a wrestling match in which contestants repeatedly throw each other on the ground. At this point the idea doesn’t sound very far-fetched.

I don’t hate you, upstairs neighbors, but I will always wonder how several individuals could make so much noise so frequently. Soon enough I will move into a different apartment with new upstairs neighbors (unless I am on the top floor, of course), and I suppose they could be more noisy or less noisy – but I don’t know if they will pique my curiosity as much. And so, dear neighbors, I will miss you in a strange way. Keep doing your thing.

Best regards,

Your downstairs neighbor


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