A Writer’s Kryptonite

I have been very bad about posting to my blog since I returned from vacation a week and a half ago, and at first I thought my mind was still in vacation mode. While at the beach I did no work because I wanted to enjoy my time, plus I was either busy or dead … Continue reading A Writer’s Kryptonite


A Love Letter

My dearest Ocean, It has been a week since I left you, and while I know that there was no other option, I can't help but wish that I was still looking at your loveliness. I have photographs of you to keep you close while you're far away, even though they can never quite capture … Continue reading A Love Letter

The Time I Sent My Car Over a Hill

Humans do stupid things. We can't get around this; sometimes our brains just shut down and some other force takes over, causing us to drop our phone for no reason or to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States. There are other times, though, that this stupidity reaches a whole new level, surpassing … Continue reading The Time I Sent My Car Over a Hill

Baby Freshmen Everywhere

Today is the first day of this summer's Destination Kent State, a program held at Kent State University for all incoming freshman. It's here for the students to become familiar with their new home away from home, to get an idea of what Kent is all about and maybe make some new friends in the … Continue reading Baby Freshmen Everywhere