8 Tips for Having the Best Summer Ever


Let’s face it – for any individual in school, summer is the best time of the year. Three entire months of freedom are a beacon of hope in the last few weeks of the semester and the only thing that kept me from going crazy in the deep void of finals week. I do work, but I don’t have to worry about a test tomorrow or a project due four days from now. This is my last summer in between school years, however, since I graduate next spring. With that many summer vacations under my belt, I think it’s my duty to tell you just how to have your best summer yet.

1. Make a list of your goals for the summer.

It’s nice to put your thoughts onto paper, and if you hang it up somewhere, you’ll have a constant reminder of all the cool things that you want to do. Want to go to a concert? Write it down! Interested in a painting class? Write it down! Hope to succeed in world domination? Write it down!

2. Be proactive; just go out and do it!

It’s easy to stay in bed all day and scroll through your social media, but you won’t feel good with a bunch of wasted days. Instead, compromise. Sleep in a little bit but then take a bike ride, read that book you’ve been wanting to read, plan a road trip – nothing will happen unless you make it happen. Once you do, you’ll feel great!

3. On second thought, it’s okay to stay in bed sometimes.

You know, you earned it. Staying up late to study and spending hours upon hours working on projects really wears a person out, so I guess you should be able to relax in bed with no fear of consequences. Yeah.

4. Master a skill or habit that you’ve always wanted to master.

After class ended for the summer, I decided I wanted to start meditating and practicing yoga. That was two weeks ago and I haven’t started yet, but there’s so much time left! So what if you want to take a few weeks to just do nothing, you can always start your new habits tomorrow. Or a couple days from now, or maybe next week…

5. Don’t feel guilty for not accomplishing everything you want to accomplish.

Summer is for you to do what you want – there’s no one standing over you saying that you must finish 20 books or that you have to leave your house. We’re only human! A lot of people are lazy a lot of the time, and again, you earned it! I earned it. I earned the right to mindlessly scroll through pointless websites. I EARNED IT.

6. Close all of the blinds/curtains and sell your soul to Netflix.

It…it’s an important part of having a successful summer. I promise. When everyone asks you what you did over the summer, you have to have at least one cool TV show to talk about. And if that means watching show after show, day after day, in order to complete the series, then so be it. Or maybe even two TV shows. No harm in that.

7. Do one awesome thing before summer is over.

Even if some of your plans have failed, you can always do something fun and exciting to put you in a good mood before classes start again. It could be anything, from having a party with friends to spending a day at an amusement park. Anything that will distract you from the impending doom of…wait…I mean anything that will give you something to look forward to and to create great memories from!

8. Feel guilty for not accomplishing everything you wanted to accomplish.

Now that summer is over, you realize that you were a total bum. You find your list of goals in a crumpled ball behind you bed, not even bothering to wonder how it got there. If you can’t cross any of them off, just write a few more things down that you actually did and cross those off. It won’t make you feel any better, though.

And there it is! Eight tips that will give you the best summer of your life. Now go forth and do awesome things or, you know, station yourself in front of the TV and order some pizza.


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