My Fling with Tinder


I thought about you from time to time for quite a while, but always kept my distance. It seemed like people always said you were a bad idea, especially if I was looking for a relationship. It was no surprise to me; I knew you had a reputation for casual hookups. So I stayed away, planning on living my life without you.

But then summer arrived and I got bored. I’ve enjoyed staying in Kent for the summer, but few of my friends live close by and I miss hanging out with people. The idea of you had been floating around in my mind for a few days when, one fateful night, I decided to open the app store on my phone and hit the download button.

The little fire icon popped up when the installation finished and I dove in, joining the millions of others who use Tinder. I crafted my profile, making sure all of my pictures were relatively attractive and hoping that my bio wasn’t too lame. Then I was off to the races, swiping left on all the guys I wasn’t interested in and right on the few that seemed okay.

My feelings about Tinder are quite mixed. Anyone who has ever used it knows that it runs off of looks – the only thing you’re shown immediately is the person’s first picture, and you have to pause your swiping for a moment if you want to read what his bio says. I know that initial attraction is what dating is based on anyway, but the two second judgement of another person based on his looks just rubs me the wrong way. I’m not into hooking up either, so sometimes I feel like I’m just wasting my time on it. Most likely, I am.

But for all the negative aspects of Tinder, I (and millions of others who feel similarly) continue to use it. Why? For a socially awkward person like myself, it’s a hell of a lot easier to send a person a message on an app than it is to approach a person in real life. Maybe not better, but definitely easier. I don’t like to admit it, but it also appeals to my vanity. Even if we don’t end up talking to each other, matching with someone tells me that he didn’t look at my face and then scream in horror. I’m all for self-love, but the little confidence boost is nice. I suppose the main reason that I stay on Tinder, though, is that I’m too optimistic and romantic for my own good. I’ve gone on a couple Tinder dates and, while they didn’t work out, I can’t help but hope that I’ll stumble across the perfect guy and be one of the few Tinder success stories. Ridiculous, I know, but at least I’m aware that it won’t happen. Probably.

So, Tinder, while I’ve thought about deleting you many, many times, I suppose I’ll keep you around for a while. I can’t blame you for existing, just myself for building up your image and then falling for it. I’m sure I’ll get bored or fed up with you eventually, so I’m not too worried about wasting some time with you for now. It’s probably just a summer fling anyway.


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