The End of an Era

On Saturday I graduated from Kent State, the place that has inspired more growth and change within me than anywhere else I have been. As expected, my four years here flew by and, while I complained plenty about how much I wanted to be done with school, a small part of me will always be … Continue reading The End of an Era


I’ve Been Angry

I'm a pretty chill person. I don't enjoy confrontation and I'm happiest when relaxing or hiking outside on a nice day. For years I've been proud of that fact—I think life is far too short to spend all my time being upset or stressed or worried. Lately, though, I've been angry. I've been angry about … Continue reading I’ve Been Angry

Halloween Blues

It's October 28th—the day of the much anticipated Kent Halloween. Throngs of people will flood the streets of downtown Kent for a night of drunken revelry, a night that doesn't judge for even the strangest of clothes. There will be police mingling with the costumed public to ensure that things don't get out of hand, … Continue reading Halloween Blues


I'm sitting on the couch, looking at my new apartment's damaged ceiling. The day we moved in a waterline burst, causing a massive leak. The problem was eventually fixed, but not until many containers of water had been dumped and the ceiling started to cave in. It's in the process of being repaired, but it … Continue reading Contentment

My First Time Flying

Every time that I mention I've never been on an airplane I'm met with surprise—it seems like most people started traveling by plane when they were kids or teenagers. We always drove to reach our family vacation destinations because it's much cheaper than flying. I enjoy the driving anyway. I have many fond memories of … Continue reading My First Time Flying

Some Thoughts on Life

Do you ever just want to go away? Pack up all of your things, say goodbye to no one, and vanish? Every so often I daydream about doing something like this, dropping off the grid and becoming a new person in a different place. This idea is appealing for many reasons: I could leave all … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Life

21 Goals After 21 Years

2 days ago, on July 13, 2017, I turned 21. There are a lot of age milestones in a young person's life - 13 is finally gaining the status of "teenager," 16 is license time (in America anyway), and 18 is finally reaching adulthood - but I feel like I always viewed 21 as the … Continue reading 21 Goals After 21 Years

My Fling with Tinder

I thought about you from time to time for quite a while, but always kept my distance. It seemed like people always said you were a bad idea, especially if I was looking for a relationship. It was no surprise to me; I knew you had a reputation for casual hookups. So I stayed away, … Continue reading My Fling with Tinder

The Best Moments are Unexpected

Yesterday a friend and I went to Quail Hollow, a 701-acre state park accompanied by a large manor that was built in 1838 and expanded throughout the years. We didn't see everything the trails had to offer, of course, but we spent a good deal of time walking the paths. As far as scenery goes, … Continue reading The Best Moments are Unexpected

A Writer’s Kryptonite

I have been very bad about posting to my blog since I returned from vacation a week and a half ago, and at first I thought my mind was still in vacation mode. While at the beach I did no work because I wanted to enjoy my time, plus I was either busy or dead … Continue reading A Writer’s Kryptonite