The Time I Sent My Car Over a Hill

Humans do stupid things. We can't get around this; sometimes our brains just shut down and some other force takes over, causing us to drop our phone for no reason or to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States. There are other times, though, that this stupidity reaches a whole new level, surpassing … Continue reading The Time I Sent My Car Over a Hill


Baby Freshmen Everywhere

Today is the first day of this summer's Destination Kent State, a program held at Kent State University for all incoming freshman. It's here for the students to become familiar with their new home away from home, to get an idea of what Kent is all about and maybe make some new friends in the … Continue reading Baby Freshmen Everywhere

8 Tips for Having the Best Summer Ever

Let's face it - for any individual in school, summer is the best time of the year. Three entire months of freedom are a beacon of hope in the last few weeks of the semester and the only thing that kept me from going crazy in the deep void of finals week. I do work, … Continue reading 8 Tips for Having the Best Summer Ever

A Letter to My Upstairs Neighbors

Dear upstairs neighbors, We've never met, you and I - maybe passed each other in the hall of our apartment building or crossed paths in the parking lot, but we don't know each other. In fact, you're quite a mystery to me. I don't think I've ever been quite so curious about the goings on … Continue reading A Letter to My Upstairs Neighbors

The Difference Between “I Can’t” and “I Don’t Want To”

I've realized recently that I have a tendency to use the phrase "I can't" when I should really be using the phrase "I don't want to." The former implies that an outside force is preventing me from doing something, while the latter expresses, well, that I don't want to do something. They each have their use, … Continue reading The Difference Between “I Can’t” and “I Don’t Want To”

Hindsight is 20/20

I have a journal that I've kept on and off for the past 2 years, and while I'm not great at writing in it frequently, it holds some of my most personal thoughts. This journal begins in my sophomore year of college and talks about a range of things, from family to class to boys. Many of the … Continue reading Hindsight is 20/20

Home is a Fickle Word

For the majority of my life, home was an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by grassy hills and lush forest. Then home was kind of a college dorm room, but that never quite felt permanent. During that time home was also a little house in a residential area, where the chirping … Continue reading Home is a Fickle Word

The Work Voice

It's that time of year again - in fact, the last time that I'll have it forever. Summer break means the sweet release from the constant hounding of school, long days spent in the sun or reading a good book (or both!). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy learning and appreciate all of the opportunities … Continue reading The Work Voice

A Review: Trashy Movies

It's no secret that an abundance of trashy movies exist in this world. Whatever characters they may feature, whatever the plot line may be, they focus on appealing to the emotions of the watcher. You get pulled in by the racy details even if, as a whole, the movie totally sucks. There's a reason they're … Continue reading A Review: Trashy Movies

An Adventure in Spider Wrangling

On Wednesday I walked into my bedroom like any other day, except this was not any other day. On this day, I noticed a dark spot on my plain white wall - a spot with eight legs. I may have shrieked a little bit, but I think I had a pretty good excuse. I'm usually not … Continue reading An Adventure in Spider Wrangling