An Adventure in Spider Wrangling

On Wednesday I walked into my bedroom like any other day, except this was not any other day. On this day, I noticed a dark spot on my plain white wall - a spot with eight legs. I may have shrieked a little bit, but I think I had a pretty good excuse. I'm usually not … Continue reading An Adventure in Spider Wrangling

Hey, I’m Vegan

Veganism is a pretty new lifestyle for me, but there are few other things that I have ever felt as strongly about. I almost can't believe the change that it has caused in my general attitude and views, but the changes are all happy ones. I feel more positive and more connected to the world … Continue reading Hey, I’m Vegan

A Review: Houseplants

I'll get straight to the point - houseplants are great! I've been living in my first apartment for over 7 months now and I didn't buy my own plants until a few weeks ago, but it was a good decision. I'm not sure what it is, but just knowing that I have living, growing things … Continue reading A Review: Houseplants

I Love Potatoes

It goes without saying that potatoes are pretty great. They're tasty, filling, and I would totally be okay with a french fry based society. ***I head to work, my boss stopping me in the hallway. "You've done great work this week," she says with a smile. "Here's a little bonus." She hands me an envelope, pats … Continue reading I Love Potatoes

Let’s Get This Show on the Road

Hi there. My name is Sarah, and I guess this is my blog - it probably doesn't have a title yet because titles are the worst to think of. But I'm starting, and I've wanted to have my own blog for quite a while. The trick will be to post regularly. I know, it's not … Continue reading Let’s Get This Show on the Road